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The Final Editions of Salvador Dali

Don Quixote: The Warrior’s Heard

Hand Signed Salvador Dali Lithograph

This Don Quixote trilogy is comprised of Don Quixote: The Warrior’s Heard, Don Quixote: The Gift of Mandrino, and The Story of Don Quixote. From original sketches, the images bear a striking resemblance to Dali’s ‘Historia de Don Quichotte de la Mancha’ series (1980). In this image Cervantes’  idealistic Don Quixote goes to battle with lance and shield against a flock of sheep seen as an enemy army. How interesting Master Dali must have found this satirical romantic!

Available as a trilogy or as individual pieces. Verified as authentic and signed on the reverse by Dali Archivist Albert Field.

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Guaranteed and Verified Authenticity

Unframed Size: 37″ x 26″ Framed Size: 45” x 35.5”

Edition Size: 75 and 10 Proofs, on Arches

This image is also available as a

plate-signed lithograph/poster on Arches paper for $99..

Guaranteed and Verified Authenticity