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The Final Editions of Salvador Dali

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fine art collecting tips

Should I purchase art from an online gallery?

This can be a daunting question for both first time and seasoned collectors. There is a plethora of artwork on the internet, but your purchasing experience doesn’t really have to be that different from walking into a gallery. You may not have the face-to-face experience of a real-time gallery visit; however, the outcome can be the same or even BETTER!  Take your time and browse and shop art from all over the world! Collecting should be a fun and interesting experience.

Things to consider

  • When you made an inquiry- did you receive a timely response? Were all of your questions answered?
  • Did the consultant seem knowledgeable about the artwork
  • When collecting prints, etchings and lithographs- does the gallery have a money-back authenticity guarantee?
  • Protect your fine art investment. Frame with UV-filtering acrylic (safer for moving and transport) or glass, and add the artwork’s full replacement value to your homeowner’s insurance policy.
  • Can you envision the artwork in your home? Plan ahead and measure your walls, etc. We find that if our clients love an image online, they are
    always completely satisfied once it is in their home!

Looking for more Dali?

We have The Divine Comedy available both framed and unframed.

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The Flatterer from Salvador Dali’s Illustrations of Dante’s Divine Comedy

Chant 18 – Inferno

15.5″ x 17.5″ framed
this image is accompanied by the actual pages from

the French Edition- Les Heures Claires

(example shown below)