DALI Lithographs

The Final Editions of Salvador Dali

client testimonials

I love my new Surrealist Matador! Everything arrived as promised. Next time I'm going to buy one that is framed! Thank  you!
A Baltimore, MD
I wanted to thank you so much for all of your help and expertise in purchasing my first ever Dali Lithograph! My wife loved it, and it was the best wedding gift I could ever have given her. I will be back for sure!
Conwell W.
Orange, CA
I want to thank you for taking your valuable time and expertise in helping me with the selection of the Dali piece (Cascade of Souls). I hope in the future we can exchange information concerning mutual Dali interests. I certainly am becoming a huge Dali enthusiast. Again, thank you for your excellent service. Please keep me informed on the featured items the Gallery is promoting as well as any other interesting art work undertakings.
Carey B.
Austin, Texas
Dear Marie, My daughter and son-in-law received the Dali Lithograph (Cascade of Souls) yesterday and THEY LOVED IT! My daughter called it stunning and my son-in-law thinks it is magnificent. No problems with packing or transport. It arrived in perfect condition. I am very grateful for all of your help in choosing a gift our children will remember with love and excitement. It was truly a wondrous wedding anniversary gift. Thank you for all your guidance and help and special attention.
New Jersey
I purchased Dali’s Invisible Face and Marie was absolutely wonderful guiding me through the gallery and helping me decide on my piece. A great place to add to or start a collection!
Joe Ewansky | Treviso Denim Gruppo
Hoboken, NJ
Carmine and I, a novice art collector and a seasoned Dali collector respectively, loved the insight, knowledge and expertise the Gallery offers when picking out a new piece for your collection!
Salvatore & Carmine
Thank you again for all of your help. The Surrealist Flower lithograph looks just great in our home. We couldn't’t be happier. It was truly an enjoyable experience working with you- so much that I would like to get another piece… Once Again, thank you for all of your help!
Laurie D.
Newton, CT
I get nothing but compliments on the piece. It’s actually kind of museum like… since I am selling the house. I have literally had 100’s of people come through. I think every single one has commented on it.
Anthony S.
I received the certificate for the Sirens and the Sailor. The lithograph was originally going to hang in my bedroom, but I moved its resting place into the living room so everyone can enjoy it. As much as I am enjoying the Dali, the frame that you chose is equally aesthetic. Thanks!
Debi G.
Cheshire, CT
I am writing to thank you for all of your wonderful customer service and assistance in the purchase of three Salvador Dali lithographs. This past year, Your Gallery staff has been a joy to work with in every aspect of the purchase, from the initial selection, framing and matting choices and also billing assistance. Denise provided exceptional customer support and artistic guidance and truly seems to love her job. Since the Gallery is located in New Haven and I live in Detroit, I have to also commend you for providing excellent long distance customer service, any time I had questions I received immediate response. I had specific framing and matting ideas for the lithographs and Denise worked very had to satisfy all of my wishes, working with the framers to find just the right look foe each, and e-mailing me with pictures of different choices and calling me to discuss the various ideas she had. In the future, I plan to make the gallery my first stop when considering additional art purchases and I give them my most enthusiastic recommendation.
Helen R.
Grosse Ile, MI
I am so very happy with my Salvador Dali lithograph and the spectacular frame you selected for me! I have been a Dali fan all my life, and Cascade of Souls, the piece I acquired, is especially intriguing, and your presentation on the special paper and the awesome frame adds much to its charisma! Having a piece with Dali’s actual signature is such a great additions to my exiting art collection! I thank you again for your wonderful care and service and the prompt and safe delivery of my Dali! Much success in the future and I’ll certainly be in touch when I look for an additional piece!
D. Bright
Colorado Springs, CO
We are quite impressed with your pleasant professionalism and your in-depth knowledge. As you remember, I liked one work in particular and my wife liked another. We did not make a purchase initially but I was so impressed with your detailed explanation of “The Collection” that I kept the “Sirens and the Sailor” in my thoughts. I had a number of questions about Dali’s work and was quite impressed with the timeliness and completeness of your replies. During the phone calls and e-mails we shared back and forth I found myself very comfortable with our business relationship and as you know, I ended up making a purchase. The additional information that you provided later about Dali, without being asked, and your point that the signed authenticated Lithographs were a wise addition to our collection, that I wanted to purchase the piece my wife liked. I decided I wanted to give it to her for our next Anniversary, but did not want to store it at home for fear of her finding it. You graciously explained your Lay-Away plan and we were able to work out a very satisfactory arrangement. You were able to give me excellent advice on the selection of available papers, mattes and frames to suit our décor. In fact I selected “Artist’s Proofs” on your recommendation. I am very pleased that you intend to personally help pick out just the right frame for the piece after I emailed you pictures of where it will hang. Again, my thanks Denise…
Richard S.
Woodbine, GA